10 Days To Improving The Way You Locks 4 Vans Hook Lock

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The Hook Lock is a deadlocking hook lock that operates in isolation from the van's locking system. The key supplied allows the driver to operate it. The hook is looped over an iron bar and, if the bar is opened, the hook will latch itself to the door. It is a lock that sounds like a self-explanatory one. But what is it exactly? And why is it so valuable? Keep reading to find out more.

Hook Lock

10 Days To Improving The Way You Locks 4 Vans Hook LockHook Lock for locks 4 vans is a vehicle security solution that has become the UK's top seller. As opposed to standard locks, Hook Lock can be fitted to the cab, side or rear doors. It works independently of the van's locking system and is suitable for all brands. It is also able to be fitted in high-position. This means less metal is removed from the door's structural components. It is therefore more difficult to pick than traditional locks.

This locking system is a mechanical deadlock that operates independently of the manufacturers' locking system. The hook bolt is inserted into the opposite body section and controlled by an external high-security key. This lock is particularly useful for situations with an owner-driver, where the driver is able to operate the lock. A mechanical deadlock is practical, Hook Locks but it provides greater security than conventional locking systems and can be used to secure cargo access every day.


Hook locks are an additional security feature for commercial vehicles. Hook locks are installed on the door of the van or on the connecting panel and feature the mechanical locking mechanism. Hook locks are designed to be put on the van's connecting panel or door. They are equipped with a locking mechanism and loops over a bar of metal to provide additional protection against crowbar attack. This is a typical tool criminals use to gain entry into vehicles. Hook locks come in many styles and models and are popular among van manufacturers. This article describes the key advantages and features of hook locks. We also explain how they can enhance the security of commercial vehicles.

You can also buy high-end deadlocks for a price of PS20. These are suitable for vans with panels that are difficult to remove , but not for all vehicles. WD40 will invalidate your warranty. Locks4Vans recommends using PTFE lubricant. If you're uncertain about whether the hook lock on your van is safe or not, contact locksmith.

A deadlock for vans can cost about PS130 depending on the brand, model and location. The price varies based on the model and manufacturer and you should look around to compare prices before deciding on which one best suits your needs. Slam locks can be fitted to some vans. This is a great option for couriers because it decreases the risk of their vehicles going unlocked. However, slam locks just provide one security line. A deadlock is a better option than the slam locks. It provides your vehicle with two options for defense.

Slam Lock

A Slam Lock 4 vans hook lock can help protect your van in many ways. It provides additional security and a fashionable appearance to your van . It also disables the door handle fitted by the factory. It helps to give you more control over the security in each area of your van, and prevents your van from being unlocked by burglars when one of its doors are not locked. It also helps stop van theft when you are delivering multiple parcels at the same time.

Slamlock 4 vans hook locks automatically lock the door of your van when you close it. To unlock your vehicle, you have to press a central locking button to unlock the mechanism. Slam Locks are the perfect solution for drivers who deliver multiple drops. You also don't have to worry about losing your key because Slam Locks feature an integrated replacement handle coated with powder. You can also store keys in the vehicle so you can use it in the event that you lose the key inside your van.

Installing additional locks is a excellent way to secure your vehicle. A catalytic converter lock is one instance of a fantastic option. These converters can be used to transform harmful pollutants into harmless gases. And they contain precious metals, making them a popular target on the black market. Catalytic converters can be located under vehicles, which makes them easier for thieves take. They are also easier to access than standard locks since they are located under the vehicle.

T Series Deadlock

The T Series deadlock for vans by Locks 4 Vans is the most secure way to lock and unlock your van. The deadlock is designed to provide maximum security. It will prevent the door from being locked even when it is locked. Not only that, but it also acts as a visual deterrent for thieves. A solid silver bow with the Locks 4 Vans logo is the key that opens this deadlock. This deadlock is virtually impossible to disassemble unlike an ordinary latch.

A deadlock is an electronic device that provides additional security to vans. The deadlocks attach to the van's door or connecting panel. They operate with keys that are externally inserted into the deadlock housing. To ensure the highest level of security locks are strategically placed around the vehicle. Deadlocks can be fitted to virtually any model of van. If you're planning to install one on your van, check out the options below.

A T Series van deadlock costs PS130. This varies depending on the van's name and model. It's worth looking around for several quotes to ensure you're getting the most value for money. Since they cannot be picked from the inside deadlocks are more secure than locks that slam. You should have a deadlock on your van, no matter whether you're using it for hook lock business or personal purposes.

L4V S Series Deadlock

A van deadlock is an external manual key lock. This lock offers security and is especially crucial when valuables are kept in the vehicle during the night. Locks 4 Vans L4V deadlocks conform to European standards, and are available in S Series and Thatcham accredited T Series versions. Visit our shop to find the right deadlock for your van.

The L4V Deadlock is flexible enough to allow the user to change the lock as necessary. If you require additional security the Slamlock is the best choice. The deadlock locks automatically when the door is closed . It requires a high-security key to unlock. The L4V Anti-Peel Kit is added to this lock. This prevents the door's peeling when closed. Alternatively, you can fit the L4V Hook Lock to the upper position of the side load door.

L4V S Series deadlock for van is perfect for vehicles that drop multiple deliveries. Delivery drivers who are multi-drop are often under pressure and might overlook the need to secure the vehicle. The van lock locks automatically upon the door closing and offers maximum security for your vehicle. It also complies with Health and Safety regulations and is endorsed by Thatcham. If you'd like to set up deadlocks on your van, please contact LMI Automotive Locksmith.

Deadlock in the L4V T Series

The L4V T Series van deadlock provides the highest level of security for commercial vehicles. It is available in three different versions that include a locking cylinder deadlock, and Slamlock. Slamlocks can be utilized by multiple-drop delivery drivers. They are made of powder-coated stainless and offer superior security. L4V Anti-Peel Kit and L4V Hook Lock for side-load doors help prevent door peeling.

L4V T Series deadlock for van is available in various designs to meet your vehicle's requirements. This deadlock is more secure than the majority of van deadlocks. This lock in the van prevents doors from opening when locked, thus providing an attractive deterrent to thieves. The T Series key is a solid nickel silver bow with the logo of the company engraved on it. It is not easily twisted off.

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